Jenny & Joe’s Father Daughter Dance at Ridglea Country Club

Jenny’s husband Wallace is part of a barbershop chorus called The Marcsmen. During our planning meeting Wallace and Jenny told me that the guys wanted to sing during the reception, and I mentioned having them sing the father daughter dance…this is the result. Apologies that the tops of their heads are cut off but I had the camera stationary on a tripod set for the newlywed game. This is why Glenn Roush Entertainment doesn’t pretend to have a “video division!”

Lighting was provided by Glenn Roush Entertainment.

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To make up for the head chopping, here is a photo from Dallas Wedding Photographer Allison Davis.

Newlywed Game at Ridglea Country Club

Wallace and Jenny wanted to add some personal entertainment for their guests. Glenn Roush Entertainment put together a Newlywed Game. The video is taken at the Ridglea Country Club. Glenn Roush Entertainment provided the lighting for this event and you can see photographer Allison Davis of Allison Davis Photography snapping pictures. Special thanks to Meredith Commender of Significant Events of Texas for all of her planning on this event.

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