Can we meet with you before we hire you?

Yes.  In fact, I require that we have an in person, phone, or Skype consult before we move forward with a contract.

Do you travel?

All of the time.  I travel throughout the US and internationally for brides who want something different.

Are you the DJ that shows up?

Yes.  My company bares my name and my website is written in first person because I am the only DJ at Glenn Roush Entertainment.

Do you have references from previous clients?

Absolutely.  You should also check out Wedding Wire and the DFW Knot Boards to see what my clients say about me.

Do you do anything else besides DJ?

No.  I am a full time DJ.  I spend all week working on creating unique and personal events for my clients.

How does your pricing work?

My pricing is simple.  I quote a flat rate for the entire event based on the client’s needs.  No overtime.  No hidden fees.  Nothing unexpected.  I become a fixed item in your overall budget.  I limit the number of events I take per month (no more than one per day) so that I can focus all of my attention and energy into your reception.

What do you wear?

I typically wear a dark suit and a shirt/tie combination that compliments your chosen wedding colors.  I own a tuxedo for black-tie affairs.  My attire is always custom to my client’s event.

What type of music do you play?

I have over 100,000 songs in my library, so when I say all types it is not just a figure of speech.

Can we build a ‘Do Not Play’ list?

Yes, please.  Whatever you put on your ‘do not play’ list is not an option regardless of who tries to request it at your reception.  Moving past the ‘do not play’ list, I want you to use the online request suite to build a set list that will make your reception personal and perfect.