Impromptu headshot taken by Life As Art Photography

Impromptu headshot taken by Life As Art Photography

I was a junior in high school the first time I took on the role of a DJ at a church event. While at Baylor, I started a DJ company because I kept going to dances with bad DJs.  I never set out to be a wedding DJ – I started doing weddings because my friends started getting married.  Now 7 years after the first wedding, my full-time job is creating memories for people on the best day of their life.

Today I refer to myself as a Master of Ceremonies.  That does not mean I act like a celebrity, it means that my job is to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that I make everyone around me look their best.  Weddings are a once in a lifetime event.  We do not get a do over, so I leave nothing to chance other than how crazy your friends will get on the dance floor.  For the toasts, I work with your bestman, maid of honor, and parents to make sure they know what to say and feel confident with a mic in their hands.

I want to help you make your wedding fun and memorable – I want your guests to leave talking about how much fun they had and how it was one of the best weddings they have ever attended.  Your wedding should be uniquely yours.  It should feel like you and be a reflection of your personalities.

Most of the brides and grooms I work with are getting married in the Dallas or Fort Worth but I have traveled for clients and will continue to do so.  So whether you’re getting married in DFW, Keeping Austin Weird or escaping to a destination wedding – I can be there!

I know that planning a wedding is a huge undertaking so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have.  Congrats and I look forward to meeting you!


A cattleman’s daughter, she left Oklahoma to attend Baylor in the ‘big city’ of Waco.  Little did she know that she would meet a sweet talking ginger.  That is how the story would go if I write her biography.

This is Jennifer.  I met her on the 4th of July when I was about to graduate from Baylor and my life has been better ever since.  We were engaged at homecoming and married the next year in the chapel of Truett Theological Seminary.  Five years later and we are still best friends.

Jennifer LeForce Roush

Not only is Jen beautiful and kind, but she is incredibly funny.  Our free time is spent going to dinner, going to concerts and Shakespeare in the park , and most importantly traveling.

Frisco Wedding DJ Glenn Roush

french bulldogs

Dallas Wedding DJ Glenn Roush has a French Bulldog named Bruiser

I have two french bulldogs named Bruiser and Ginger.  Bruiser is named him after the Baylor mascot and Ginger is named for her coloring.

Bruiser likes sticks, toys, any people food that has sugar, and snoring.  He also enjoys waking his people up by trying to play with them early in the morning because he loves people and loves to play.

Bruiser was recently selected to be part of a stylized shoot for the Brides of North Texas magazine.

TAMI WINN EVENTS- Behind the Scenes 2014 Spring/ Summer from Turquoise Video Productions on Vimeo.


Here is a photo of him the day that we got him and another more current photo.

French Bulldog Puppy Bruiser


Unfortunately, I cannot bring you along to someone else’s wedding, but the next best thing is video.  You can find all of the videos on our blog here, but I have highlighted a few great videos here on one page.  Besides, we both know you want do not want to drive to the other side of the metroplex to peek through a little crack in the door.

Erica & Taslow brought their friends from all over the country to celebrate at the McKinney Cotton Mill.  They met at Oklahoma State University, and while they chose purple instead of orange for their signature color they had plenty of OSU spirit from their table names down to serving fries in Eskimo Joe’s cups later in the evening.  I love this video by Marc Roberts because it shows how much fun my clients can have at a wedding if they focus on partying and trust their vendors to rock their wedding.

Dallas Wedding DJ Glenn Roush- Taslow & Erica’s Wedding Reception from Glenn Roush on Vimeo.

Kirsten & Ryan met at Texas Tech University and celebrated their ceremony and reception at the Fort Worth City Club.  The dance floor was packed from the first song through the last song.

Jessica & Brian’s hosted their ceremony and reception at the Ashton Depot in downtown Fort Worth. Special thanks to Candelight Films for sharing another fabulous video with me.  To see other weddings I have worked with Candlelight, click here.

Jessica + Brian :: Wedding Film from CandleLight Films on Vimeo.

Colleen & Byron celebrated their wedding and reception at the beautiful Union Station in Downtown Dallas. The first video is their videographer’s highlight video.  It includes ceremony and reception.  Reception starts at about 3.5 minutes in.

Colleen and her bridesmaids have been dancing together for years on the high school dance team and in the living room, so when it came time for Colleen and Byron to tie the knot the girls saw this as an opportunity to choreograph an epic introduction dance. This is the result of all of their hard work!

We had the privilege of working with Perez Photography and Candlelight Films on Lindsay and Jacob’s wedding at Union Station. Candlelight put together this highlight film from the night.

Lindsay + Jacob :: Coming Soon from CandleLight Films on Vimeo.

Jadrien and McCall were married on May 28th. Glenn Roush Entertainment created a highlight reel from some captured footage of their wedding reception at the Fort Worth City Club. Jadrien and McCall graduated from Texas Christian University along with many of their friends and wedding party, so there was even more to celebrate this night. Their friends and family showed up ready to have a fun night and help the couple celebrate their new life together. I wish this video did justice to how much we had – my staff has nominated it as one of the most epic weddings of 2011 and there is still plenty of year to go.


Don’t just take my word for it.  Do your homework.  Read what my clients say about me.  Maybe you will see your venue, one of your vendors highlighted, or maybe even find someone you know. [Read more…]

client commitment

Dallas Union Station Wedding DJ

I will always treat you with complete respect, I am honored to live out my passion everyday, and I will be mindful of your unique event ideas, vision, expectations and time.

I care about your event. I will have a have a personal stake in your events success. I understand the impact outstanding entertainment services can make and will ensure to give you my very best at your event.

I will make myself available to you throughout your entire planning process. In additon to having access to my office support team, I will provide you with my personal cellular phone number, Skype ID, and add you to my Facebook.

I believe your wedding entertainment should be personalized and not cookie-cutter or generic. I will work one on one with you to develop a customized and unique entertainment approach that reflects your tastes, ideas and desires.

I do not rely on line dances or using outdated “cheesy” DJ techniques to get your party started.

I am creative and adapt my style to your crowd or the type of entertainment you want at your affair… We are not limited to playing premixed cds or playing the same set of songs at every celebration.  Every event is unique and entirely customized from the first beat to the last song.

I only utilize the very best sound, lighting and video equipment available. My presentation and sound quality is far beyond the average and matched by few in the Texas.  I am fully insured and a full time entertainment professional.

I work very hard to ensure I address every detail for your special event, including the correct song selections (likes and dis-likes), formalities, and all other particulars… as a client you will find out that our attention to detail is unmatched.

I am not obnoxious on the microphone and I do not talk between every song.  I believe in tasteful audience participation and I will not overwhelm your guests with endless or unnecessary DJ microphone chatter.  It’s your celebration and I will never take the spotlight from you.

I invite you to check out what some of my past clients have to say about me on Wedding Wire and The Knot.

online planning

Whether you are planning your reception from across town or across the country, who doesn’t want to plan their reception in their pajamas or while waiting for a new album to upload to Facebook?

All of my clients have access to special online resources that allow you to build playlists (must play, do not play), create timelines, and more.  All from the comfort of your computer or iPad.


Lindsay Joy Photography took this great shot because the groom was really into sound production.


Can we meet with you before we hire you?

Yes.  In fact, I require that we have an in person, phone, or Skype consult before we move forward with a contract.

Do you travel?

All of the time.  I travel throughout the US and internationally for brides who want something different.

Are you the DJ that shows up?

Yes.  My company bares my name and my website is written in first person because I am the only DJ at Glenn Roush Entertainment.

Do you have references from previous clients?

Absolutely.  You should also check out Wedding Wire and the DFW Knot Boards to see what my clients say about me.

Do you do anything else besides DJ?

No.  I am a full time DJ.  I spend all week working on creating unique and personal events for my clients.

How does your pricing work?

My pricing is simple.  I quote a flat rate for the entire event based on the client’s needs.  No overtime.  No hidden fees.  Nothing unexpected.  I become a fixed item in your overall budget.  I limit the number of events I take per month (no more than one per day) so that I can focus all of my attention and energy into your reception.

What do you wear?

I typically wear a dark suit and a shirt/tie combination that compliments your chosen wedding colors.  I own a tuxedo for black-tie affairs.  My attire is always custom to my client’s event.

What type of music do you play?

I have over 100,000 songs in my library, so when I say all types it is not just a figure of speech.

Can we build a ‘Do Not Play’ list?

Yes, please.  Whatever you put on your ‘do not play’ list is not an option regardless of who tries to request it at your reception.  Moving past the ‘do not play’ list, I want you to use the online request suite to build a set list that will make your reception personal and perfect.