Happy 2nd Anniversary to Tatum & Chris

Happy Second Anniversary to Tatum & Chris Alexander!

Old Red Courthouse Wedding Reception DJ

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Chance & Jennifer

Happy Second Anniversary to Jennifer & Chance Smith!

Paradise Cove on Lake Grapevine Wedding DJ

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Kaylee & Matt

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Kaylee & Matt Smith!

McKinney Cotton Mill Wedding

Photos courtesy of Mamone Photography

McKinney Cotton Mill_Wedding DJ

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Zach & Errin

Happy Anniversary to Zach and Errin! They had a big year growing by 2 feet.

It was so good to see you at Carlie and Paul’s wedding!

Hickory Street Annex Anniversary

First Dance Photo Courtesy of Hampton-Morrow Photography

Ethan has not slowed down Zach and Errin’s passion for life.  Here are the two of them having fun in our photobooth at a friend’s wedding they referred me to.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Happy 1st Anniversary Ben & Kelly!

Happy 1st Anniversary to Kelly and Ben Comeau!

So many great memories from this ‘destination’ wedding at the Hilton Bella Harbor in Rockwall.  This wedding had the honor of having the most states represented from any wedding I had in 2012.

Hilton Bella Harbor Wedding Reception Introductions

This ended up being one of my favorite photos (and moments) for 2012. @Fairy Tale Photography

Hilton Bella Harbor Wedding Flutterfetti

I hope you two make some time to sneak in a dance in the living room to Band of Horses ‘No One’s Gonna Love You.’

Hilton Bella Harbor Wedding Sparkler Send Off

Special thanks to Laura Parker at Fairy Tale Photography for sharing these photos.


Happy 2nd Anniversary to Courtney and Jacob

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Courtney and Jacob Evans!

Crescent Hotel Dallas Wedding

Happy 1st Anniversary to Chad & Tara

Chad and Tara rang in the New Year by getting married!  It was a wonderful way to celebrate.  Their friends and family partied well into 2012 and helped me start this wonderful year off right.  So…Happy First Anniversary Mr. & Mrs Davis!  I hope life in Singapore is treating you well.

Here is a highlight of the pictures from their beautiful ceremony and reception at the Joule Hotel in downtown Dallas.  Photos are courtesy of Chris at Ivey Photography.  To see more pictures from this wedding check out the Ivey Photography blog and also check out the post of Tara’s bridals.

Notice the uplights are subtle but add a definite splash of color.
Joule Hotel Wedding

Both of Tara’s parents walked her down the aisle.

Joule Hotel Wedding

Look how stunning Tara looks in this candid.

Joule Hotel Wedding

Different angle. Different setting on the camera and the uplights create a completely different photo.Joule Hotel Wedding Uplighting

They had just been declared “Mr. & Mrs. Awesome” (no really)
Joule Hotel WeddingPost ceremony portraits.
Joule Hotel WeddingDowntown checking out the lights. (check out the reception blog post)
Joule Hotel WeddingShameless plug for the Joule but also a great shot of the energy downtown on NYE.
Joule Hotel Wedding

There was a ton of energy downtown already because of NYE.
Joule Hotel Wedding

We added purple uplighting to the ballroom.
Joule Hotel Wedding Uplighting

Chad’s best friend and co-best man, David, sang a first dance that he and Chad had written together. Talk about having everyone’s undivided attention to each word.

Joule Hotel Wedding

I am glad Chris captured this photo because there are not words to describe the emotions and love that go with your new husband writing a song for you.
Joule Hotel Wedding

Cake cutting.
Joule Hotel Wedding

Some hilarious toasting.
Joule Hotel Wedding

The parent dances were a little emotional because Chad and Tara moved to Singapore right after the wedding for Chad’s job.
Joule Hotel Wedding

The Texas Tech Betas in attendance made sure that Chad experienced passing the ‘loving cup’ even if they had to improvise with a bottle of champagne.
Joule Hotel Wedding

Then it was time to party…
Joule Hotel Wedding

And the crowd was ready.
Joule Hotel Wedding

A little bit softer now.
Joule Hotel Wedding

Full shot of the dance floor.
Joule Hotel Wedding

Tara and Chad owned the dance floor.
Joule Hotel Wedding

We did sparklers at midnight in lieu of a send off, because this group wanted to party until LATE into the night.
Joule Hotel Wedding

Happy 1st Anniversary Andrew and Kayla

Happy First Anniversary to Andrew & Kayla Forney!  They a packed house at the Piazza In The Village for a FUN Thursday night wedding. I hope you guys have had a wonderful first year of marriage and continue to grow in your love and friendship.

Thanks to Erin Kathleen for these wonderful pics. To see the rest of the album check out her full blog post here.  Here are some pics that I shared earlier in the year.

Kayla and Andrew

Piazza in the Village

This is them right after becoming husband and wife (probably my favorite shot).

Piazza in the Village

The wedding party came in full of energy. Andrew surprised us all by carrying her in at the last second.

Piazza in the Village

Mr. & Mrs. Forney had a choreographed dance to “More than Anyone” by Gavin DeGraw. Kayla is laughing because Andrew may or may not have missed a step (or three).

Piazza in the Village

The party started early and it started strong. The groomsmen decided to do a little impromptu “Night at the Roxbury” sandwich.

Piazza in the Village

Andrew trying to redeem his dance moves…take note of Kayla’s face

Piazza in the Village

Great shot during a slow dance.

Piazza in the Village

Finishing the night strong!

Piazza in the Village

Bubble send off.

Piazza in the Village

Congrats Squared

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Jeph & Amy Kryzak!  Two years ago today we were celebrating at Old Red Courthouse!  I still remember the ceremony and the wonderful acronym the officiant built out of CARS since Jeph is a bit of an auto enthusiast (understatement).

Also, congrats to Jeph and Amy as they prepare to welcome their first child in early September.  They recently confirmed they are having a little girl who they plan to name Gwendoline Celeste.  I am so happy for you guys and can’t wait to see photos of your adventures!

I love this shot of the two of you laughing and cuddling during toasts!

Happy 1st Anniversary to Matt & Lauren

Happy 1st Anniversary to Lauren and Matt Fulmer!  A full year already?  Crazy!

One of my favorite moments was changing the uplights from purple to Arkansas red when we “Called the Hogs!”

 Lauren & Matt Fulmer

Happy 1st Anniversary to Bobbileigh & Matt

Happy First Anniversary to Matt & Bobbileigh Buchanan!  I hope you guys have had a wonderful first year of marriage.  Hope Matt got to have a pizza for dinner.  :)

Happy Anniversary to Bobbileigh & Matt

Happy 1st Anniversary to Chris & Tatum

Happy First Anniversary to Chris & Tatum Alexander!

Old Red Courthouse Wedding Reception DJ


Happy Anniversary to Jennifer & Chance

Happy First Anniversary to Jennifer and Chance Smith!  The celebrated their wedding and reception at Paradise Cove in Southlake.  The weather was perfect and we had a great team of vendors.  Special thanks to Laura Parker of Fairy Tale Photography for sharing these photos.

Paradise Cove Wedding Reception DJ

Happy 1st Anniversary to Kaylee & Matt

Happy 1st Anniversary to Kaylee & Matt Smith!

Shout out to Don & Emily of Mamone Photography for sharing these amazing photos!

McKinney Wedding DJ

An unforgettable first dance.McKinney Cotton Mill Wedding Reception

I hope Matt can break out these moves at some point today.

McKinney Cotton Mill Wedding

Cheers to a wonderful first year of marriage and I hope the second year brings you great joys and many travels.

McKinney Cotton Mill Wedding

I know this was one of the blog posts lost with the new site, so I will repost the photos from this wedding later this week.

Happy Anniversary to Errin & Zach

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Errin and Zach!  I cannot believe it’s been two years since your party.

Hickory Street Annex Anniversary

Glad to see you guys are still having a blast and tearing up the dance floor at your friend’s weddings.

Hickory Street Annex Anniversary

This is still one of my favorite wedding moments.

Hickory Street Annex Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Annie & Devin

Happy 1st Anniversary to Annie and Devin!  The Stuckey’s were married at the Bella Donna Wedding Chapel in McKinney and then went right up the street to celebrate at the ranch clubhouse of Stonebridge Ranch Country Club.  To see more photos, check out the Hampton-Morrow Photography blog post.

McKinney Stonebridge Ranch Wedding Reception

The fireplace looked spectacular with the uplighting and pinspots.

McKinney Stonebridge Ranch Wedding Reception

Happy 1st Anniversary to Courtney and Jacob Evans

Happy 1st Anniversary to Courtney and Jacob Evans!  I cannot believe it has been a year since your wedding.  I am so glad we have Facebook to be able to keep up.

Crescent Hotel Dallas Wedding