french bulldogs

Dallas Wedding DJ Glenn Roush has a French Bulldog named Bruiser

I have two french bulldogs named Bruiser and Ginger.  Bruiser is named him after the Baylor mascot and Ginger is named for her coloring.

Bruiser likes sticks, toys, any people food that has sugar, and snoring.  He also enjoys waking his people up by trying to play with them early in the morning because he loves people and loves to play.

Bruiser was recently selected to be part of a stylized shoot for the Brides of North Texas magazine.

TAMI WINN EVENTS- Behind the Scenes 2014 Spring/ Summer from Turquoise Video Productions on Vimeo.


Here is a photo of him the day that we got him and another more current photo.

French Bulldog Puppy Bruiser

About Glenn

Glenn Roush is the preeminent master of ceremonies and wedding dj in Texas. He creates an engaging and entertaining atmosphere for your guests. He takes the worry and stress out of the wedding and allows his clients to relax and enjoy the party.

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