Ashton Gardens Wedding – DJ Glenn Roush

Ryan and Brittany met at a gym doing mixed martial arts – think Ultimate Fighter.  For as tough as they both are, Brittany is so beautiful and Ryan has a big heart for his now wife.  We celebrated a great night together back in April at the Ashton Gardens.

Soulbox Productions did a spectacular job capturing the evening and posted the highlight video below.  If you are thinking the film has a unique look and feel, that’s because Soulbox is one of the few companies in the state who also shoot on 8mm film!

Nathan & Lauren’s iBooth Pics

Nathan and Lauren had the iBooth at their Old Red Courthouse wedding.  Here are the photos from the insanity that followed.

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Classic Blog with Solid Advice

meredith and glenn 30th event

This weekend I am working my 30th wedding with Meredith Commender of Significant Events of Texas.  Meredith was one of the first planners to take a chance on me when I was still relatively unknown and doing my friends weddings.  In honor of this milestone, I wanted to share a classic post from the first wedding I worked with Meredith.  So glad that there was a WordPress archive to save these kinds of things.

Sorry it has been a week between posts but last week was pretty crazy. I started advertising on a new website and the traffic increase was definitely noticeable.

This weekend’s event was a wedding reception for Tom & Lori Borkowski in Frisco. They had an intimate reception in their backyard.

For those of you in the Collin County area this weekend, you know that we had thunderstorms on Saturday evening. This brings us to the title of my blog post- why you should hire GREAT (not good) wedding vendors.

Bad vendors are easy to recognize because they don’t: call back, adequately answer questions, and generally don’t seem to want your business (just your money). Most people recognize bad vendors because every time you ask the vendor for something small they want to renegotiate their contract.

Good vendors are obviously the opposite but with minimum personal attention.

Great vendors give extra personal service and go above and beyond the call of duty. Great vendors are the ones you hear about from people you trust.

The Borkowski wedding got hit by rain 5 minutes before the guests were to be seated for the ceremony. Meredith, wedding planner and co-owner of Significant Events of Texas, kept all the guests calm while she worked with the bride on how she wanted to proceed. The bride wanted to do the ceremony inside the house (which was gorgeous anyways) and then the reception would be under the tent.

What is so great about that??? Keep reading…

As the newlyweds were exchanging vows, the rain quickly changed to a full blown Texas thunderstorm. The catering staff, Tastefully Yours, quietly slipped out the back-door and went to secure the tent (closing walls, covering things, etc).

The guests were asked to remain inside for a few minutes. Meredith and myself headed out to the tent only to discover the worst of the storm was yet to come. Meredith asked the caterers if the drinks could be moved inside and if the appetizers could be served in the house while the storm blew over. Tastefully Yours immediately went into action.

So while the guests are having appetizers inside, Meredith, Courtney (also with Significant Events), and I were inside a tent that was literally moving- not just plastic walls but the metal framing and everything. Tables, flowers, and decorations were all being rearranged by the ferocious wind gusts.

Fifteen minutes later the storm calmed but the rain persisted. We had a tent full of debris (groom had just mulched and done other yard work) that needed to be cleaned and prepared for guests. I had to move all of my DJ equipment earlier to keep it dry, so I would need to setup again.

Significant Events of Texas rallied the troops! The catering staff gave us every able body they could spare (including one of the owners) and we all cleaned and straightened the inside of that tent. Once we had it presentable for a reception, I set up my equipment so we could have music and the caterers set up to serve dinner.

The guests arrived to a beautiful tent and the most fabulous wedding dinner I have ever tasted in my life. Seriously!

Great vendors do whatever is necessary to make your dream come true. The Tastefully Yours staff could have said “not our job”, Significant Events of Texas could have given up or cut corners, but great vendors take pride in their business. Great vendors see the BIG picture and make a reception the best it can be under any circumstances.

Great vendors aren’t always the most expense, though they are rarely the least, but great vendors give you the most return for your money. Don’t pay for an ego when you should be paying for quality service.

Kuddos to Tastefully Yours and Significant Events of Texas for making sure bad weather didn’t ruin an amazing reception.

Thistle Springs Ranch Wedding – DJ Glenn Roush

I was at Thistle Springs on a beautiful April Saturday to celebrate with Alex & Tim’s families.  The weather was perfect and the venue is so beautiful.  Here is a video by Glenn Productions (no relation).

Alex + Tim from Corrie Glenn on Vimeo.

Lindsey & Colin’s Room on Main Dallas Wedding

Colin and Lindsey were married this past Saturday at the Room on Main!  Shout out to Elizabeth at After Yes Weddings for introducing me to her fabulous clients – Elizabeth made EVERYTHING easy.

Here is the highlight video from Lynn Films.  Always a pleasure to work with Daniel and his team.  Lynn Films consistently delivers a great product (and fast).

Colin and Lindsey from Lynn Films on Vimeo.


Keep an eye out for photos from Tracy Autem Photography!

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Tatum & Chris

Happy Second Anniversary to Tatum & Chris Alexander!

Old Red Courthouse Wedding Reception DJ

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Chance & Jennifer

Happy Second Anniversary to Jennifer & Chance Smith!

Paradise Cove on Lake Grapevine Wedding DJ

Timarron Country Club Wedding – DJ Glenn Roush

Lindsay and Bryan are back on the blog!  Their full length video by Chris Watson is finished, so I wanted to share it!  You can check out everything from getting ready to the sparkler send off.

lindsay and brian reedit from Chris W on Vimeo.

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Kaylee & Matt

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Kaylee & Matt Smith!

McKinney Cotton Mill Wedding

Photos courtesy of Mamone Photography

McKinney Cotton Mill_Wedding DJ

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Zach & Errin

Happy Anniversary to Zach and Errin! They had a big year growing by 2 feet.

It was so good to see you at Carlie and Paul’s wedding!

Hickory Street Annex Anniversary

First Dance Photo Courtesy of Hampton-Morrow Photography

Ethan has not slowed down Zach and Errin’s passion for life.  Here are the two of them having fun in our photobooth at a friend’s wedding they referred me to.

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