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Dallas Union Station Wedding DJ


I was a junior in high school the first time I took on the role of a DJ at a church event. While at Baylor, I started a DJ company because I kept going to dances with bad DJs.  I never set out to be a wedding DJ – I started doing weddings because my friends started getting married.  Now 7 years ... Read More

Glenn & Jennifer Roush


A cattleman's daughter, she left Oklahoma to attend Baylor in the 'big city' of Waco.  Little did she know that she would meet a sweet talking ginger.  That is how the story would go if I write her biography. This is Jennifer.  I met her on the 4th of July when I was about to graduate from Baylor ... Read More

Dallas Wedding DJ Glenn Roush has a French Bulldog named Bruiser

french bulldogs

I have two french bulldogs named Bruiser and Ginger.  Bruiser is named him after the Baylor mascot and Ginger is named for her coloring. Bruiser likes sticks, toys, any people food that has sugar, and snoring.  He also enjoys waking his people up by trying to play with them early in the morning ... Read More

Dallas Union Station Wedding DJ


Unfortunately, I cannot bring you along to someone else's wedding, but the next best thing is video.  You can find all of the videos on our blog here, but I have highlighted a few great videos here on one page.  Besides, we both know you want do not want to drive to the other side of the metroplex ... Read More

Union Station Wedding DJ


Don't just take my word for it.  Do your homework.  Read what my clients say about me.  Maybe you will see your venue, one of your vendors highlighted, or maybe even find someone you know. ... Read More

Joe T Garcias Fort Worth Wedding DJ Glenn Roush

client commitment

I will always treat you with complete respect, I am honored to live out my passion everyday, and I will be mindful of your unique event ideas, vision, expectations and time. I care about your event. I will have a have a personal stake in your events success. I understand the impact outstanding ... Read More

Lindsay Joy Photography took this great shot because the groom was really into sound production.

online planning

Whether you are planning your reception from across town or across the country, who doesn’t want to plan their reception in their pajamas or while waiting for a new album to upload to Facebook? All of my clients have access to special online resources that allow you to build playlists (must play, ... Read More

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Can we meet with you before we hire you? Yes.  In fact, I require that we have an in person, phone, or Skype consult before we move forward with a contract. Do you travel? All of the time.  I travel throughout the US and internationally for brides who want something different. Are you ... Read More